Happy Birthday Barney

On the first birthday since Chris Barnett’s passing last September, the club once again remembers one of our most beloved, charismatic characters.

Friends and family have paid tribute to Barney with messages and comments on our social media platforms throughout the day, with many more simply sharing and reposting the club’s official birthday statements in his memory.

As always, our thoughts today go out to Lesley and Aaron, as we continue to offer our love and support to our extended football family.

Barney’s legacy will once again be immortalised in a few weeks, when the 1st Annual Christopher Barnett Memorial Golf Tournament takes place at West Mon Golf Club on Bank Holiday Sunday, May 6th.

Event organiser Brett Williams has decided to host what will certainly be a memorable, fun and emotional day as a way of securing the legacy of not only Barney but his own father, longtime club secretary and stalwart Keith Williams, who died merely days after his friend in one of the most challenging periods in not only the club but football community’s history.

The full details for the tournament are available here.

One thing we are sure of, is that Barney is no doubt playing all sorts of hell with the man upstairs and he’s celebrating with the very best of company.